Take A Moment To Give Thanks

      Next Thursday, November 27th people will gather together with family, friends and strangers to take part in the American annual celebration of Thanksgiving. They will gather together in private homes, in restaurants, in churches, community centers and in soup kitchens.    Thanks – Giving . . . This is a wonderful time of… Read More »

You Always Have A Choice

Today you will make many choices. Allow yourself to make the best choices you can make on this day. Be Resourceful… Be Creative… Be Courageous… Be Compassionate…   Know that there will be consequences to each of your choices. Some of these consequences will be desirable and others will be less desirable. Some of these consequences… Read More »

Have You Achieved Your 2014 Goals?

It is hard to believe that 2014 will soon be coming to an end.  So, I want to take this opportunity and check-in with you. How Are Things Going?   Did you set goals for yourself this year? How are you progressing?      Already Achieved Your Goals . . .  If . . .  you have already… Read More »